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An exclusive and refined range of Portuguese wines, from a single terra that gives them a unique, highly-prized character

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Temilobos Red

A delightful red wine from the Douro Valley
A blend of indigenous Portuguese grapes from our old and our terraced vineyards, this wine is a lively violet colour with a seductive combination of dark cherries, blackcurrant and cinnamon aromas.

We have the use of many varieties for the final blend of the wine, including well known Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Francisca

Temilobos Tinto Cão

Temilobos Tinto Cão

A rare red Douro Varietal prized for its spicy and cherry aroma
Using high-quality grapes, this light red wine showcases a spicy and floral aroma. It is best served lightly chilled, which also makes it ideal for summer drinking. The Tinto Cão vineyard area, named Vinha Dona Elizabeth, was probably the single most expensive hectare to develop and plant in the Douro region.


Members of the Delaforce family have been involved in the Douro for seven generations working with local communities and, as with previous generations, continue to strive to grow grapes and make wine in a sustainable way.

Ploughing Fields

There is an understanding and respect for nature and the “Terra” which brings together the unique mix from schistous soils, climate, to indigenous grape varieties; and a local way of working the vineyards, respecting tradition from maintenance of old vineyard terraces, maintaining the character of the landscape made of local schistous rock to unirrigated vineyards, use of organic fertiliser and minimal soil compaction – as an example all of the old vineyards are still ploughed using a horse or mule. All vines are hand pruned at the beginning of the season and all grapes are hand-picked at harvest. In this way we work to put back as much into the property in a responsible way for future generations.

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A family team working together to create the very best wines the terra can produce. A long knowledge and history

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Temilobos wine is available to buy for trade in the UK and in Portugal

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